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There's no such thing as fake news with NakedSSL. We are a transparent company and glad to talk to press about our product and service. Feel free to reach out:

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History & Mission

NakedSSL was founded in by okay bueno, a Berlin-based digital product studio. We've been tired of the lack of support of redirecting naked domains with SSL out of the box and the manual labor of setting up and provisioning servers. NakedSSL was a product we used internally until we decided it's too useful not to share it with the public. You can read more about our journey on Medium.

Media kit

Our media kit contains oru logo and wordmark, team photos, face sheet, and screenshots. Missing anything? Get in touch and let us know.

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Press Contact

For all press inquiries, please directly reach out to:

Jesús Espejo, Founder @ NakedSSL

Jesús Espejo, Founder