Our FAQs

My domain is stuck at “generating SSL certificate”, what can I do?

If your domain have been in “generating ssl certificate” for longer than 24h, there is probably an issue with the configuration in your domain – most likely related to the DNS changes. We know that DNS updates can be tricky, especially if you’re not tech savvy, so the first thing you have to check is that your naked domain only has ONE DNS A Record pointing to the IP that NakedSSL gave you. You can easily do this by doing a DNS Lookup here, where you should type your domain. The result should be something similar to this. For security reasons, LetsEncrypt won’t issue a certificate if you have multiple IPs as DNS A Records, so if you see more than one DNS A Record in your naked domain, pointing to different IPs please remove all of them, except the one for NakedSSL. If after doing this the issue is not resolved within a couple of hours, then please write us an email to hello@nakedssl.com indicating the domain you’re having troubles with.

How long does it take to generate my certificate?

This is a pretty quick process, so in normal conditions it should take something between 10 mins and a couple of hours. However, there are some cases where it might take longer (for instance, if your domain registrar / name server provider does not offer instant DNS changes). In any case, we recommend waiting up to 24h before panicking, as DNS changes can sometimes be a bit slower. If after doing the changes and waiting 24H you still don’t see any progress, check that the DNS changes are indeed applied and live – you can do that using this service.

My SSL certificate does not seem to renew, how can I renew it?

NakedSSL will normally take care of automatically renewing all the SSL certificates for the domains added to the system. However, we depend on LetsEncrypt for this, and sometimes we might hit the API limits, so even though it’s rare, it could happen that your certificate is not renewed in time before it expires. If this happens, don’t worry: normally the system will pick it up within 24h and renew it. If that’s still not the case, please contact us at hello@nakedssl.com indicating the domain for which we should renew the certificate.

Can I change the IP or the DNS A Record on my naked domain after the SSL has been issued?

Absolutely not. If you do that, NakedSSL won’t be able to redirect your domain and the SSL will never renew again. You must keep the NakedSSL IP in your domain as long as you want to keep using the service.

Can I change the settings after adding my domain?

No. If you need to make changes in your domain or its settings (STS, caching, redirection, etc), you will have to remove it and re-add it again.

Why can’t I use certain TLDs or domain formats?

TLDs and domain names are tricky. It’s almost impossible to cover all of them because they can be almost infinite, even a bit more if we take into account strange characters, other alphabets, etc. For the same reason, we do not provide a list of supported domain formats / TLDs. We’ve tried to cover most of them but still we are sure that we missed some. If you need to add one domain format or TLD but NakedSSL tells you that the domain is not correct please send us an email to hello@nakedssl.com with all the details and we’ll evaluate if we can support that format.

Can I redirect from HTTPS to HTTP?

No. For security reasons we do not allow users to be redirected from a secured connection to non-secured one. And you shouldn’t do that, anyway.

Do you offer dedicated/enterprise solutions (ie: a server just for my domains, API, etc)?

Yes. If sharing the servers with multiple users is a concern for you, your company or your clients, we also offer dedicated instances that could run our software, but just for your domains. Same interface, same API, but your domains are isolated from the rest in an instance dedicated exclusively for you but managed by us. For inquiries and more details, reach out to us via hello@nakedssl.com.

I love the service. How can I show some love?

Nice to hear that! Spread the word; tell your colleagues how awesome NakedSSL is. If you’re in Berlin, pass by our office and have a coffee with us. And if you’re a maker, check out our parent’s company studio – maybe we can work together.

Who should I contact if I have any inquiry, issue or question?

If you have a paid plan, you’ll see a chat bubble directly from your dashboard, so you can write us directly there. We normally answer within 24H during working days. If you do not have a paid plan, just write to hello@nakedssl.com – but please ensure that you’ve tried to troubleshoot your issue with the details explained in this FAQs. We host thousands of domains for free and unfortunately we can’t offer customised support to each of you.