Redirect your naked domains with SSL

Naked SSL is the easiest way to 301 redirect all traffic from your naked domain to your www domain — even with SSL. No need to transfer your domain or change your PaaS or DNS provider.

Enter your naked domain to see if we can help:

Do you have a valid SSL certificate installed? Check these guides:

Get a SSL certificate


Ready to use with all PaaS

NakedSSl works with Heroku, Google App Engine, Netlify,, Hasura, AWS S3 — you name it, we got. No need to switch your infrastructure provider: NakedSSL will redirect your apex domain with SSL, no matter your provider.

Compatible with every single DNS provider

No need to transfer your bare domain, to change your DNS provider or to configure complex settings yourself. Just add a simple DNS record and we’ll add some SSL clothes to your naked domain.

Ideal for redirecting low-to-medium traffic web-sites and web-apps

NakedSSL works perfectly with low-to-medium traffic web sites/apps, from a few dozen to several thousand visitors per day. We are pretty sure we can scale with you.

100% private and transparent for your users

We do not collect or store any data related to your website: we just apply an SSL 301 redirect to your domain and your visitors won't even notice the redirection on your bare domain.

The easiest SSL redirection service ever made

Thanks to the power of Let’s Encrypt, you can now forget about provisioning servers, generating SSL certificates, installing and managing them: just a few clicks and we take care of everything.

Improve your SEO

NakedSSL redirects your traffic using a simple 301 permanent domain redirection keeping the full URI, so search engines won’t ever detect duplicated content.

Multi-region support

We have servers both in the EU and the USA. Create a better user experience and faster redirection by choosing the region closer to where the majority of your users are based.

Different packages adapted to your needs

It doesn't matter if you’re a freelance web developer or a big agency: we offer different packages according to your needs, starting with a free plan for one domain – forever.

One domain, free forever

Start with our free single-domain plan and upgrade only if necessary: NakedSSL offers 3 different plans for all your needs.
Need even more domain redirections? Just contact us.

You are in good company

How-to Guides

You have issues redirecting your naked domains? Don't worry, we're here to help you. To get you started, we have created these easy to follow guidelines for some of the major domain providers:


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